Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday sales worth getting trampled on?

Question:  Every year I come home from college for Thanksgiving and my mom always drags me to go shopping on Black Friday while my sister gets to stay home.  It’s been a tradition since I could remember, however, I absolutely hate it!!!  I hate the crowds, I hate the vicious people that argue, I hate parking, I hate people shoving me, etc… How do I tell my mom that I don’t want to go without disappointing her? (St. Louis, MO)

Social Shrink:  I think what you just said absolutely describes Black Friday - it is pure chaos.  But, it doesn't seem like your mother will be upset that you don't like Black Friday, but rather that you don't want to spend the time with her.  If it's something you have done with your mother for years, she may consider it her "bonding time" with you.  It may hurt her to find out that you have never liked this time with your mother for all these years.

Just communicate with your mom how you feel about that day.  There are always other ways to spend time with your mom and suggest alternatives that may become a new tradition.  She may be upset to begin with, but if you suggest something else to do to have that quality time, I’m sure she will understand.  It doesn’t matter what you guys are doing, as long as you two have time to spend together. 

However, if you mom is there to get the deals and needs your help, perhaps you can tell your sister to come too, so you have a partner-in-crime to help filter out the chaos.  Good luck and God speed!

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