Friday, March 11, 2011

How old is too old to go clubbing and partying?

Beer pong as a 40 year old anyone?
Question:  I'm a 32 year old guy and lately I've noticed I've been going out to bars/clubs more than my friends that are my age. Some of my friends are married or have kids, and those that aren't don't like going out and drinking. I don't go out every weekend or go out and get ish-faced like my college days. I usually go out with friends that are a few years younger than me and just like to go out and have a good time. However, when I do go out to the bars, I've noticed the crowd getting younger and younger (either that, or I'm just getting older). Is it sad that I'm going out to the bars at this age?  How old is too old? (Las Vegas, NV)

Social Shrink: How old is too old? Well, that depends. If you're going out because you enjoy hanging out with your friends, then you're never too old for that!

I'm sure your friends know your age and if they are okay with grabbing drinks at a bar/lounge/club with you then all the better for you! How is the rest of your life going? Are you working/looking for work or doing something productive with the rest of your time? Or, are you living at home and off of your parents? You say you partied in you college days.  Just as long as you're not returning to those same frat parties at this age or hitting on the 17 or 18 year old freshmen girls while you’re 32, you are still young and can have fun.

When it comes to what you do when you’re out at the bars and clubs, we hope you are not one of the sketchy guys who creeps up on girls no matter what their age, asking for their phone numbers right off the bat, or are trying to get newly-turned 21 year olds drunk enough to go home with you.  That is inappropriate no matter what age you are.  If you keep it classy and talk to girls here and there, take a few shots with your friends, and dance a bit to your favorite songs - that is harmless and you shouldn’t feel worried about that. 32 does not come with a set of ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ when you’re out having fun – just keep the keg stands and urges to play flip cup where it belongs: in your memories of your college days.

If all you do during the day is wake up hung-over in your parents' basement, asking your parents for an allowance, or waking up next to a girl that you don’t remember going home with, then you should probably pause, take a step back, reassess your situation, and concentrate on something other than the partying.

If you are established (as in you have a job, supporting yourself, have place to live, etc.), then going out to hang out with friends at a lounge, bar or club is a good release after a long week – you deserve it!  You are working hard and playing hard and that is something everyone should live by at any age.

Eventually, you will grow out of this partying phase but why not live it up while you can.

As the great Jay-Z once said, "30 is the new 20!"


  1. I agree! I'm 22 and in college, it's sad when I see like 28-30 yr old guys hit on 18 yr old girls at frat parties. It's like ew creep, get a life. But if I meet a guy that's in his early 30s at a lounge and has a good conversation with me, I don't think that's weird. As long as he's not falling over drunk and trying to take home unsuspecting girls then age doesn't matter to me.

  2. Do it now while you're young! You can't be doing it when you have kids!!

  3. I'm sorry but I think 32 is a bit too old to be partying...

  4. I'm sorry but I agree with the person above, I think 32 is too old. I got over partying as soon as I graduated college, I got married and had kids by the time I was 25. I wouldn't trade that in for a bunch of drunken nights that you probably don't even remember. Or maybe I am just more mature than most people.

    1. You just did it early, why bolt on those who don't want this? You don't have to have children, it's a personal choice I respect but it's not for everybody.

  5. you are only as young as you want to be. if you want to suck face with a young guy then go to it. If you want sable guy that is a home and helps raise the kids then grab him. There are not a lot of them out there so grab them if you got them.

  6. Your never too old. As for older guys hittin' on young girls...get a grip folks. Most young!...older guys because we know how to treat them. It's only inappropriate if you are trying to take advantage of them. If they know, and you know, what you are after then its all good.

  7. Well, I'm 32 (just turned). I stopped going clubbing often when I was 22. Still went sometimes until 26. But last April (aged 31) I went clubbing on a stag party for the first time in ages. Really enjoyed it. Even had a nice girl come up behind me and try to pull me when I was separated from my friends, but I wasn't there for that.

    I don't think clubbing with your friends at early thirties is too old, if clubbing means drinking, dancing and having a laugh (why shouldn't people have fun at 32??). However, if clubbing = hitting on girls who are 18-21... well, then yes - it is too old. I will say though that middle-aged guys (later 40's+) probably would find it harder to fit in there. So 40's+ clubbing is probably not the best environment. You still generally look reasonably young at 32. I still get ID'ed sometimes for buying alcohol and tobacco.

  8. Let's be fair here, there's clubbing getting trashed and hitting on anything that moves and there's still enjoying a night out with friends having a few drinks.

    Clearly there are places that you wouldn't go but the beauty of getting older is you now have more cash to get into and pay for drink in better quality places and appreciate the quality over quantity motto.

    I actually feel bad for people who aren't able to enjoy themselves because they feel that having kids and staying home is more important. If that's the path you chose then fine but given how many 30'ish people who are career focused are still single and still enjoying life i'd say it's silly to judge someone just because they haven't accepted the grave just yet!

  9. Anybody who thinks 32 is too old to go out is a dick. And probably bitter their youth was robbed by starting a family too early. Fuck them, their choice!

  10. I think it also depends on where you go. I am 33 and went to a club with a very wide range of folks there. In fact, the older of the crowd were women in their 30s and 40s. Recent divorcees? I dunno. But I do know I had fun.

    Girl Look at that body....
    I work out.

  11. Not even close to too old. Have fun. The better looking you are, the longer you can get away with it!

  12. If your partying behavior is interfering with your ability to be a productive member of society and you are a constant leach on others, then you need to grow up. Otherwise, have at it.