Saturday, March 19, 2011

How do I know if she likes me? 10 signs she's into you...

Does she have a crush on you?

Question:  I've been hanging out with this girl who I like, I just don't know if she likes me back. I've known her for a couple of months and we're good friends, there is definitely flirting going on between us and I feel like there is great chemistry. But the other day I saw her talking to other friend of hers (who is a guy) and she was also flirting with him. Is this just her personality or am I reading too much into it? How do I know if a girl likes me back? (Boston, MA)

Social Shrink: OH, the great, big question: does she like me? The only way to know for sure if someone likes you is if you ask them. Easier said than done, right? Well, before you go ahead and ask how she feels about you, here are some signs you might want to look for to determine whether or not you should even ask:
  1. She is finding small excuses to get close to you. When it's cold outside, does she brush up against you and blame the weather? Does she grab your arm as you are talking to her? Does she dance up against you when even a bad song comes on in the clubs?
  2. She laughs at everything you say, even the stupidest jokes. She really doesn't care what you are saying, she is just laughing because she is infatuated with you.
  3. Your reputation precedes you. When she introduces you to her friends, they already know who you are because she already talked about you. Her friends might not want to embarrass her so look for signs like them looking and talking about you, or their eagerness to get to know you. 
  4. She is always looking for you. When you guys are out at the clubs, is she always looking around the crowd to find you? Or tries to get you to go to the bar with her to get a drink? Then wants you to go with her to the dance floor?  
  5. She gets jealous when you talk to other girls. When you just have a conversation with another girl, she asks you who you were talking to and how you know her. Especially if she comments on the other girl's looks, i.e. ,she asks why you are talking to grenades.  
  6. She teases you. No, this doesn't only happen on the playground. No matter what age, a girl will find ways to make fun of you to show her interest. 
  7. She acts like she isn't waiting for your calls/texts/chats. You know she is on her phone 24/7 or chatting away with her friends but she takes the time to answer you back. She doesn't want to seem desperate and wants to think about her answers before responding to you. 
  8. She remembers the little things about you. She remembers when you guys first met, your hobbies, your iPod playlist, how you like your coffee.  
  9. She shows up where you are at. If she knows you frequent the same places, she may "accidentally" bump into you there, though you know it's way out of her way.  
  10. She shares personal stories with you. Girls like to have a connection with the guy they like and so they will share something personal to get closer to you.
Of course, she doesn't have to follow all of these for you to determine whether or not she likes you. Go with your gut instincts.  If you feel like she is flirting with you and can sense the chemistry, then most likely she has feelings for you, too. Pay attention to her body language and how she acts around you in a social setting. But, again, the only sure way to find out is to ask her directly!


  1. Umm as a qirl the tips above are real
    I do show up where hes at
    I flirt with other quys infront of him just to make him jelous
    And i always stare at him and do take my time in respondinq to his txts exactly bc i dont want to look desperate and a qirls bff is practically her(my bff knows everythinq about me_every quy i happen to have a crush on)
    and if she teases you/touches you/shares personal info. With you every qirl does that on random quys to flirt(for fun/practice.)
    But as females i can assure you that askinq the qirl if she likes you is the most affective thinq you can do!:))qirls love that even if they dont like you back...:))

    1. I cant seem to attract a woman, girls are not flirting with me and I am 23, sometimes it makes me feel very inadequate and unattractive.

    2. Have some confidence bro, good things takes time to happen ;D

    3. Well sweetie im25 and single female hit me up sometime,

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  2. Yes, yes, yes. I have flirted with other guys when the guy I liked was around because his presence put me in the mood. I get too scared to flirt with him directly

    1. Well flirting with other guys can turn off the guy sometimes. Maybe he likes you or might soon and you go and do that. He usually would think "Well she must not like me then :/" and give up slowly. Not always the case but how I would feel being a guy myself.

    2. i do agree with this and as a male i feel in same way.

    3. Ditto to the two guys above. Nothing more soul crushing than seeing her be with other guys when you can't think of how to talk to her.

    4. Well , i like this girl , but like when we talk , she shares stuff that she wouldnt share w/ other people ,
      Shes a junior un highschool . Im a sophmore , this guy asked her to prom , and she accepted. I felt bad, but she told me that she didnt wanted to go .
      Muy friends always ask her if she likes me, but she just replies w/ happy faces.
      One time i brought here a brownie i madre, and she always remembers me , of that day
      In facebook, i updated my status, and my friend said , weres the brownie girl ( her )
      But she thinks Its another girl.
      Well , i dont know what to do .... shes like the most preety girl in school..
      Muy friends say Its impossible to go out w/ here ..
      Please help me ,

  3. i like someone. i donot how to find out if she likes me

    1. just ask her. the girls( i am one) are normoly two afraid to make the fist move. try to grab her hand or just talk with her. make things more comfterbal with you and her. she might end up telling you be4 u tell her.hoped it helped!

    2. I have such bad luck where I seem to become attracted to girls that have boyfriends BEFORE i ever know they have one. I can't get anything going for myself whatsoever. I want to make it happen so badly but I just can't and I dont know why...

  4. What if she is a grad above you. She punches me, rubs all over me but she has a boyfriend. Am i being played?

  5. so i just joined an on going class and the boy i like always talks to my friend not me. And when we do warm ups..I find him staring in my what should i do...Smile? Do you think he likes me or my friend..?

  6. theres this girl in my class and she is friends with acouple of guys but im also friends with a couple of girls i think theres good chemisty between us, shes never said anything mean about me but she teases me somtimes, does she like me? is she more than friends with one of her guy friends? i need to know!

  7. I never really feel an attachment but I do like a guy somewhat now soo I debate with him since I want his opinion and respect him alot.

  8. guys ,, i reellyyyyy like her ,,but i m shy to talk to her ,,an wheneva she sees me shee says hi ,, looks happy ,n also she stares at me but when i look back to her she lay down her face just pass by me ,,,,what do i do n how should i start it up,,it been 2 month .,, goin jus lyk this,,we didn't even introduce ourself n now when m tryin to introduce myself i feels lyk akward,, plz plz help me guys

    1. Just be confident bro. And be nice, girls like bad boys, but love a gentleman.
      First, give hints that you like her, smile and introduce yourself. But dont be weird.
      Next, invite her to a movie with a group of friends.
      DONT BE AFRAID BRO. Be funny, chivalrous, confident (not cocky) and have some fun.

  9. as a girl i know how some of you fell. i my self have a crush on someone in my spanish class and idk if he likes me back. i know this was a web site for guys but i figured u guys would know what to do cuz ur guys.

    1. Just try to spend more time with him sit with him during class and walk out with him

  10. booooooooooooooooobs!

  11. so , i'm a bit young but i really think its not just a crush . the problem is though , that i amm always too shy to even talk to her and befriend her , what should i do ??? p.s. if a girl could tell me what she likes on a boy i would really appretiate that

    1. yo bro. that is most peoples problem but u should just go and talk to her. just be confident and believe u can make it

    2. A lot of confusing stuff has been going on with the girl I like.

      Two weeks ago, my friend randomly asked me if I still like her, I said yes and he said dang I didn't know you had such strong feelings for her.

      Two days ago, I was walking to go home, then randomly I heard somebody say my name I said yeah, I looked behind me and saw her with her two best friends. She was smiling, then they went into the nearest doorway. One of her best friends followed me downstairs then the bell rang. I saw her and her other friend talking but she walked past me and didn't say anything to me.

      Yesterday, My class was going to get our lunch. As I past the class with her and three of my best friends, She is close friends with them. My friend Lexus said " There's Natalya " I looked at her and she was smiling.

      Today, I was chatting with my friend Anderson on Facebook. We were talking and then he said ik something, I said what?, he didn't answer I then said I think I'm not supposed to know and will I know what it is? He said yup and never. I said I have a feeling what it is.

      Do you guys think she likes me?

  12. hey, there is these girl i like and asked her if she likes me back but she told me she likes me jst as a friend. so we became a best friend. but nw after a lot of time she is starting to try to flirt with me and stf like that. and i noticed zt i still like her bt don't really know wt to do. shall i tell her that i still likes her or wt? i really need a big help. pls guys help me out.

  13. Ok there's this girl I like and think she likes me idk. Today we were at a museum dissecting a heart, with her brother. He's like on year older than I am. She and I and her brother are in our teens. How do I know if she likes me? Yes she laughs at my jokes, yes she likes being around me but idk if she likes me? There's deffenitly flirting a lot. Please help someone I'd like a girl to answer this question please

  14. ok so i have a coworker that i really like she has a boyfriend but when she isnt around him she is always teasing me and joking around with me and always sticking up for me and helping me with alotta stuff and tends to bring up dirty subjects around me she invites me over her house to hang out like once a week despite her boyfriend being there im just unsure what to think about the situation does anyone think she likes me or just wants something noncommited

  15. oh shit i knew she liked me because she laughs at my stupid jokes.

  16. Man I don't know, she laughs at my dumb jokes and we talk a lot I'm really in love with her she kind of chews on her water bottle and she seems a little nervous but I don't know.Ugh it's hard to tell if she likes me

  17. There is this girl the same age as me who I REALLY like, she laughs at my jokes, smiles in my presence and always is the first person to talk to me everyday,she told me her biggest secret that only a few of her friends know and we are really close, we have similar likes eg. Hockey, colours. But I don't know if she likes me or not and I am too scared to ask due to previous bad experiences with asking girls that, please tell me if she likes me or not and please tell me what I should do.

    Many thanks.


  18. The most common source of problems in relationships is that the couple misinterpreted their mutual feelings of attraction as love. This normally results in the couple trying to keep up appearances after about 5 years, and wondering where the love went.

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  19. I am woman and like another woman she is much older than me how to tell if she likes me though because sometimes she will flirt with me and if she sees me she will come find me just have quick chat with me or if she see me chatting with the other girls she will get bit jealous or she will sit next to me when talking with them or when go closer to her she will do loud breathing and she likes calling me darling, hon ,gem ,sweety and other things and she tilts her head to the side when talking to me help does this mean in to me or not??

  20. hl, my names siddharth im24 but i dont have girl friend. i have make new friend and we always chatting through msg how to know she like me too much .plz tell me

  21. ... After reading this, I'm starting to think that the girl I used to like in fifth grade, liked me back a little......Sometimes, she would start a conversation randomly, especially when her best friend wasn't around.... BTW her friend hates me, IDK why...

  22. Put on a pics on paper and wright

    Are we just friends or are we more than that and have a answer box

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  27. I like this girl and I'm younger but a lot of these signs happens like the personal stuff

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