What is the point?
The Social Shrink aims to provide an outlet for people to share their stories, experiences and give people a voice for others to hear. Sharing of people's experiences gives everyone the opportunity to learn from one another.

The Social Shrink takes the idea of a "social conversation" and provides a forum for people to share their thoughts and experiences to help others out

I have a question I want to ask.  Who do I reach out to?
Great!  You are what keeps the conversation going.  

E-mail your questions to asksocialshrink@gmail.com and we will contact you if we decide to use your question on our site.  Complete anonymity is always honored, although we may disclose your location (unless not desired).

Who can contribute?
EVERYONE.  When it comes to life experiences, that includes people of all ages, color, background, and lifestyle.  We are looking for your perspective through your eyes as we share a wide range of opinions and thoughts for everyone to be exposed to.

What does "Social Shrink" mean?
While many correlate a "Shrink" with a psychologist, we are trying to take that term and apply it to society at large.  Shrink is no longer one entity or person, but rather a collective unit with a wide range of thoughts, perspectives and opinions.

Without taking the credibility away from actual psychologists with PhD's, many people benefit from hearing advice from those who actually had similar experiences themselves.  By sharing this advice, The Social Shrink provides those who seek advice a platform to learn from others shared experiences.  

There is no "right" or "wrong" piece of advice or perspective, and everyone should take note of what advice is applicable to them and choose what they think is most relevant and helpful.