Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who's got BIEBER FEVER??? My damn roommate! It's driving me bonkers!

"I know you love me! I know you care!"
Question:  I’m a college freshman and I share my dorm with a girl who is OBSESSED with Justin Bieber.  It’s out of control – Justin Bieber posters (all over her side of the wall), Justin sheets and bedding, the wallpaper on her computer… Justin’s face!  The music she plays 24/7? JUSTIN! She even wears Justin Bieber socks… like, WTF? We are 19 years old! Every time my friends come to my room I always have to tell them that none of the Justin Bieber stuff is mine.  SO embarrassing.  I want to request a new room to live in because it’s just so annoying.  Am I overacting? (Edmonton, Canada)

Social Shrink:  Looks like someone has got BIEBER FEVER!!!  I bet your roommate was one of the first in line to go see his new movie, “Never Say Never” too, right?  She definitely seems like a huge fan!

Your question made us laugh because there are tons of teenage girls (and perhaps boys) all over the world who are the exact same way.  The only problem is that you have to have it in your face every day since you live with her (and in the same room, nonetheless).  We can see why it would get to you and she does seem to be a bit excessive in her celeb crush (Justin Bieber socks?  Really?), but is it really doing anything more than just getting on your nerves?

Everyone who lives with a college roommate will have to adjust to the quirks the other person has.  If it’s not a Justin Bieber obsession, there will be something else you will get annoyed or frustrated with.  The good thing for you is that you have a ton of options to get a breather from the Bieber Fever – go study at the library, go hang out in your friend’s dorm rooms, or go to the dining hall.  It will only be up in your face if you let it be up in your face. 

Another important thing to  note – it could be A LOT WORSE.  What if your roommate was psychotic, had her boyfriend over all of the time, made a complete mess, had bad body odor… the list goes on!  Being a huge Justin Bieber fan is by far the lesser of many other possible evils. 

Our recommendation – smile and shrug off your roomie’s love for the Beebs.  Indulge her a bit and let her listen to his album while the two of you hang out in your room.  It can’t be THAT bad.  Before you know it, your school year will be over and it will be summertime where you will be moving out.  So suck it up for a few more months, give your roommate a break, and just let it go… you never know, you might catch the fever, too!  BABY, BABY, BABY… OH!


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  2. BIEBER FEVER...too funny! I have to admit I do enjoy his music but too much of anything can be bad for you. LOL!! Poor roommate.

    My suggestion would be to try to civilly talk to her about how you feel and come to some type of compromise but you can't expect her to just stop cold turkey. Also as Social Shrink said, it could be much worse so shrug it off. Find a way to turn things into a positive. Remember it's just a fad, it'll wear off soon....hopefully. :)

  3. I wonder if the posters will start to change now that Bieber cut his hair. Most of us go through that phase of life a lot earlier, so it's a little surprising.

    Have you had a chance to talk to her about it? It might be the healthiest way to deal with it by addressing it directly and calmly with your roommate. Good luck!