Monday, February 7, 2011

I have social media drama

Social Media opens up an easy platform for people to talk smack!
Question: What should I do when people start bitching about me in their twitter and blogs with their friends? I think they've misunderstood me a big time. I rant angrily about some girl and they kept indirectly saying about “some ugly bitch me & _____ were talking about really doesn't know her ugly roots, she's talking great of herself now” which I think they're talking about me through social websites. It all seems not right and guess what? I privatize and change names of my blog, tumblr, twitter and all my social websites. Now I'm feeling so damn depressed of what had happened.  My friends told me maybe I was too sensitive but I got the feeling they're talking about me. Am I being paranoid now?  -very disturbed pre-adult teen :(

Social Shrink:

Dear Very Disturbed Pre-teen,

The thing about being on these social media sites is that people get to say things they would never say to your face and in many cases, in anonymity.  Take everything you read and see online with a grain of salt.

With that being said, it seems that your friends are right: you are letting social media get to you. On top of that, you don't know if these people are necessarily talking about you either. Are they naming you explicitly in their Twitter, MySpace, Facebook or other sites you belong to?  If not, then don't worry or stress over it.  If they are and they are trying to be indirect or implying it’s you they are talking about, they are obviously showing that they are cowardly, passive-aggressive and immature.

If they are naming you explicitly, then you can still fix the situation on your own. If you were ranting about another friend first on your site, and then this person found out about it through your other friends, use your social media platform to apologize. Though it will be hard to admit you were wrong, posting stuff up on the internet becomes open for the world to see and the best thing you can do is own up to it. Use your Twitter and devote a Tweet to saying sorry to anyone you may have offended.  Or use your Facebook status by saying that you never meant to hurt anyone and that you want to squash any drama.

The world of Social Media is fast moving, so by the time you use your website to apologize, we’re sure there will be something else someone posts on a different website that might make people mad.  Do your part in fixing the situation and move on.  And when you’re reading other people’s social media sites and you THINK it’s about you, don’t get paranoid and think the worse.  There are tons of people it could be referring to or it could be about you.  But in the end, do you really care? NO! Why?  Because who knows who is on the other side of that computer typing this stuff.  Just do your thing and move on to the next website!


  1. Let's face it, they probably were talking about you!

  2. I agree with social shrink! Just ignore it, it's not the end of the world. Even if you did do all that then apologize and move on. If your friend doesn't take your apology then she's not a good friend.