Thursday, December 1, 2011

How do I choose between my family and my boyfriend?

'Twilight' example: Would you choose a vampire boyfriend even if your family approved?
"I want to be loyal to my family,  but I'm still so heartbroken" 

Question: I'm a 20-year-old girl who fell in love with a guy that, according to my family, is not up to my standards. I'm studying medicine, he doesn't even go to university, and instead is working, but we’re the same age. We're different nationalities but I've studying in his country for six years. I met him when I was in year 1, and I'm about to start year 3 now. I love him and he is everything to me. Anyway my mum wants me to marry a doctor, and someone who has the same nationality because according to her, foreigners will divorce me anyway. My bf broke up with me because he wants a serious relationship, and I'm heartbroken. It's been almost a year and I have a new bf now that I am not in a serious relationship with because I'm still not over my ex. He drops a 'hi' every month or so, he shows concern and care, but he never did say anything about love. I still love him, but I didn't tell him because I feel he doesn't want me any more. I'm so confused, I love him a lot, but my family hates him a lot, and both sides and myself also are not happy. What should I do?

Answer:  Wow, that is quite a dilemma. Love is always complicated and to make this even more complicated, your situation involves your family and current boyfriend.

First of all, do what you think is best for yourself and what makes you happy. Yes, your family is important and wants to be there to support you, but it's ultimately your decision. After all, if you and your ex end up together, you are the one that will be with him for years to come, not your family.

Though it may be hard, your mom and the rest of your family might just have to get used to the fact that whoever you choose is in your life is because you want them to be. While your family is looking out for your best interests, make sure they are doing it because they want you to be happy but remember: it is YOUR relationship.

Weigh out the pros and cons about being in a relationship with your ex. If you feel like being with your ex makes your happy, then let him know that you are ready to be in a serious relationship.

As for your current boyfriend, it doesn't seem fair to be in a relationship when you know you are in love with someone else, does it? Imagine if you were in your boyfriend's shoes. If you are sure you are still in love with your ex, then be fair to your current boyfriend and let him know the relationship isn't working out. You don't need to tell him that you are still in love with someone else but at the very least, don't string him along.

Remember, it's your life, do what is best for your and good luck!


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