Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Question:  I have a dilemma! I graduated college about a year ago and spent about six months looking for a job. I finally got one... but I hate it! I work as a marketing assistant for a big company but the work I am doing is definitely not what I expected it to be (aka it's all bitch work).  My boss has me run errands for him, walk his dog, call his doctor to make appointments, etc, all while making me do other pointless things like mail letters or copy documents.

Recently I had my first review and was denied a raise. I know my attitude towards my job has changed and my boss has addressed it with me. I told him I've been stressed because of the workload. I really want a new job but since it took me so long to find this one and because of the state of the economy, I don't know if I should quit this one. Please help! (Antioch, CA)

Social Shrink:  Wow, sounds like you are stuck in quite the job dilemma. But don't worry, this happens to plenty of people.
First thing's first, yes, you have a job you hate, but you do have a job, so be grateful. There are plenty of people with Bachelor's and Master's degrees that have been laid off or can't find work and are struggling to provide for their children. So, concentrate on the positives of this situation. It's not your ideal job but you are a recent college graduate and you need to get your foot in the door.

Second, if you attitude has been addressed with your supervisor, then it needs a change, no matter how you feel about your job. This job could lead to others, great recommendations, promotions, networking, etc., but no one wants to offer more to someone who can't take orders. Some higher ups make you go through the ringer when you first start to see how you take it. No matter what happens, don't let onto your boss that you are "stressed," no superior wants to see that. If he is giving you too much, ask him what you should prioritize. Are the tasks you are doing really that pointless? Someone's gotta do it and you are still getting exposure to the marketing field! A change in you attitude will change the way you do your job.

And remember, you aren't stuck in this job forever, it's a stepping stone. Once you have more experience in this job, then you can be a better candidate for other jobs. Even if the work is tedious, that's not how it will look on your resume. Your boss won't tell the exact details of you running errands either, they will let your future employer know you were a delight to work with and very eager to learn!

If you still feel like you aren't getting enough experience here, try volunteering or interning at another marketing firm a few hours a week or offer to stay extra hours at your job to help your boss work on strictly marketing materials. Once you have experience at this job, try going to a career center in your area that will help with job searching, interview tips, resume and cover letter help. There are plenty all over the country. You can try East Bay Works in you neck of the woods at http://www.eastbayworks.org/.

Good luck!

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  1. Overall the advice was good. One problem though, sounds like the assistant is doing an awful lot of personal errands for the boss. This means the boss is stealing from the company. The assistant is being paid to do company work not personal errands for the boss. Unless of course the boss is the owner of the company.

    Also, look for another job, it is easier to find a job while employed than when unemployed. Just be careful about what you tell any prospective employer about why you are looking for a new job.