Tuesday, November 30, 2010

VENT SESSION #1: Top 10 most irritating things

Every now and then we want to allow our readers to just vent and let it all out.  Today we kick off Vent Session #1.  Ready... GO!

Top 10 Things That Irritate You The Most :

10.  Not getting paid on time. (soooo... I worked my @$$ off, and there's no money. Great.)

9.    Slow drivers who are driving in the fast lane.  (step on it or get out of the way!)

8.  Dumb/annoying co-workers. (don't talk to me or look at me)

7.  People who dont cover their mouth when they sneeze/cough.  (did you really just sneeze into my mouth?)

6.  Drunk people talking to you when you're sober.  (WTF, get away from me, I'm sober and you're not funny)

5.  People who can't admit they are wrong.  (even when they are blatantly wrong, they just cannot own up to it.  Annoying!)

4.  People who block the whole aisle while grocery shopping.  (see #9.  MOVE OVER!!!)

3.  People who don't shower/have poor hygiene in general.  (shower? deoderant? toothpaste & toothbrush? Anyone? Bueller?)

2.  People who think they are big shots... when they aren't.  (no comment)

1.  People who talk loud on their cell phone in public places.  (STFU - SERIOUSLY!!!)

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