Thursday, November 18, 2010

Which matters more: age differences or liars?

Question:  I was out with my girlfriends a couple months ago at a local bar which was hosting an industry night for young professionals. I was approached by a good looking guy.  We had great chemistry and conversation, and we exchanged #s at the end of the night.  We went out on a few dates and I've been having a great time with him.  He recently celebrated his birthday and one of friends informed me that he isn't as old as he told me the first night.  I do still like him, however he is significantly younger than me.  What should i do? (New York, NY)

Social Shrink:  Dear Ms. Cougar - It sounds like it is still the start of the relationship and you guys are getting to know each other.  If you see a lot of potential, then I think you should see how it pans out.  You mention you have gone on a few dates, so it must be going well so far. In terms of the age difference, nothing like robbing the cradle!  As Aaliyah (RIP) famously said, "Age Ain't Nothing But a Number"!
BUT - before you let out your cougar claws and reel the young cub in, the issue doesn't seem to be age, but trust.  He already lied off the bat to you about his age rather than being upfront about it in the beginning.  This could pose a problem as he could potentially lie about other things down the line.  Is this something you'd be willing to deal with?  Age ain't nothing but a number... but we're also assuming you won't "Love the Way He Lies" (a la Rihanna) down the line either.


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  1. I think you should confront him about the age issue and ask why he lied. If he is really into you he might have lied because he thouway you ght it would be the only way you would go out with him. Let him know th ok with youe lying is not and see from there. If he continues to lie I would say forget it!