Monday, November 22, 2010

"When they push you down you gotta get back up"

Question:  I play on my high school's varsity football team and was recently caught drinking underage at my friend's house party.  I ended up getting a DUI and charged for improper driving and underage possession of alcohol.  I got booted from the team  and now my shots of getting a scholarship to a Division I college are blown.  My parents are disappointed in me, everyone at school is talking about me and I always feel like everyone is staring and pointing at me in the hallway.  I feel like a screw-up and don't even want to go to school anymore.  Is it okay if I ask my parents to transfer schools?  What should I do?  (Boston, MA)

Social Shrink:  Unfortunately the road to redemption doesn't have a GPS, but that doesn't mean you won't get there.  You made the mistake of drinking alcohol underage and now you're paying the consequences.  Everything that you're going through is necessary for you to learn your lesson, brush yourself off, and move forward. As TI and Chris Brown say - "Push the dirt off your jersey than go for the cup/ Or the trophy or the ring, champion no matter what":

Listen, it's not the end of your life and it's your opportunity to show everyone how you can rise above this and change for the better.  If rejoining your school's football team is no longer an option, look into alternate activities where you can still be involved.  Maybe that means volunteering at a local Students Against Drunk Driving.  This is your time to show your parents, teammates and classmates that you're not going to let this bring you down.  You'll also be showing colleges that you're a lot more resilient than what they may expect.

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